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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Right here, right NOW.

Has Toronto's weekly NOW magazine always been this good? This past week (cover story: Hunter Valentine), they had:

Yee-Guan Wong's Radio Kills Indie Stars takes a look at how existing CanCon rules privilege the most accessible and recognizable acts in "Canadian" music while marginalizing the very artists who need that sort of "musical protectionism" the most.

Meanwhile, Diane Kurcharska's created a lighthearted and surprisingly informative how-to guide for girls who need to make water on the go: "Girl Pee Power: How to do it outside without soaking your socks."

John Ortved hates Train 48 as much as you do.

Finally, the cover story by Mike Smith describes an evocative art piece in Dundas Square. Set up by Montréal's own Action Terroriste Socialement Acceptable (they of the faux refugee camps), the installation features a "charred and crumpled wreck of an SUV":
From its back seat, a television played a staccato-style video manifesto wherein a voice riffed over a rapid montage of car ads, calling for policies that would make extinct all "energivores" like the smoking husk in which it sat.

From a distance, the installation, cryptically entitled Attack #9, was simply a disturbing object challenging the square's cheery exhortations to consume, evoking anything from a car wreck to a car bomb.

Fascinating stuff.


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