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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My liberal heart bleeds

So former WorldCom head honcho and huckster par excellence Bernard Ebbers might have to spend the rest of his life in jail, huh? When I saw the images of a teary Ebbers being led out of court by his wife, I was almost tempted to feel sorry for him. And then I remembered:
  • the Haymarket eight: wrongfully convicted, executed and posthumously pardoned;
  • Dudley George, summarily executed by the OPP (the inquiry into his death only got started last year--eight years after the fact--and is still ongoing);
  • Brandon Teena: dismissed by the authorities, murdered, then pillored by the same people who failed him the first time around;
  • Nathan Tate, sentenced to life in prison at age twelve and released when he was seventeen--it's a good thing that time in prison doesn't have any significant impact on the psychology of developmentally-challenged adolescents, huh?;
  • David Milgaard, who did 23 years for nothing. If you take away someone's life, it's murder--what happens when you take away a third of someone's life?;
  • Maher Arar--'nuff said;
In the grand scheme of things, a rightfully-convicted multimillionaire doesn't fucking rank.

* * *

What's that? You need a feminist blog that's unrelentingly political, whip-smart and snort-coffee-through-your-nose funny? Twisty's got you covered. A taste of the good stuff:
Possibly there exist legitimate literary applications for gross sexism (although not, I’m afraid, for such a clunky expression of it), but if you are not Dashiell Hammett or Edward Albee, and you put it in your book anyway, you’re a fucktard. If you are Jim Butcher, and your hero is a wizard named “Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, conjure by it at your own risk,” well, it’s just sad.

It is a blatant heresy and and a sin against patriarchy even to hint at the possibility that a woman might consider men irrelevant to her pursuit of fulfillment, and an even blatanter heresy and a sinnier sin against patriarchy to intimate that the patriarchal ethos is, perhaps, not fundamentally dissimilar to that part of the human body that excretes shit


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