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Friday, October 14, 2005

Does anyone else like Angelina Jolie?!

Steenblogen sent out this great link: it's 'Red v. Blue' explaining the difference between real life and the internet. Too fuckin' funny.

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The Tyee has all the information you need on what could be the biggest labour disruption of the decade. David Schreck writes:
If The Honourable Madam Justice B. Brown ever retires from the bench, she should consider teaching university courses in lateral thinking. Her ruling on the contempt of court charge against the BC Teachers' Federation stumped the pundits and was described in glowing terms. She essentially put the teachers' union into trusteeship while reserving the right to levy further heavy penalties. Her explicit reference to denying the $50 per day strike pay infuriated the rank-and-file teachers and might contribute to renewing their resolve to remain on the picket line several more days at the risk of enormous fines for the union.

Check it out.

Oh, and:


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