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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Are you the Keymaster?

Remember that scene in Ghostbusters when Ray gets seduced by a ghost? Belt gets undone, his eyes roll back in his head..? Well, apparently sex with the restless dead isn't always so much fun.

* * *

And if you happen to find yourself accosted by an amorous spirit, you might need a strong heart: if so, researchers at Johns Hopkins can hook you up.

Cells from lungs and heart muscle have been fused to create a biological pacemaker that can fire on its own and regulate the heart's rhythmic beat.

To create the pacemaker, researchers from Johns Hopkins fused common connective tissue cells from lungs with heart muscle cells.

"This work with fibroblasts could pave the way to an alternative to implanted electronic pacemakers," says researcher Eduardo Marbán. "Such a 'biopacemaker' is a potentially important option for patients at too high a risk for infection or who are physically too small to accommodate mechanical pacemakers."

Pretty cool stuff. The entire article can be read here.


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