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Monday, May 02, 2005

Have you hugged an anarchist today?

Given Premier Charest's shortsighted neoliberal "re-engineering" Five-Year Plan in general, and the recent (pre-emptive) closing of a unionized Wal-Mart in Jonquière in particular, it's worth noting that yesterday was my favourite "holiday": May Day.

For those of you who don't know, here's a short historical reflection on the origin of May Day:

A great international demonstration shall be organized for a fixed date in such a manner that the workers in all countries and in all cities shall on a specified day simultaneously address to the public authorities a demand to fix the workday at eight hours and to put into effect the other resolutions of the International Congress of Paris.

In view of the fact that such a demonstration has already been resolved upon by the American Federation of Labor at its convention of December 1888 in St. Louis for May 1, 1890, that day is accepted as the day for the international demonstration.

The workers of the various nations shall organize the demonstration in a manner suited to conditions in their country.

--Resolution introduced by Raymond Lavigne, International Socialist Congress, Paris, July 20, 1889


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