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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A smorgasbord.

So I've decided to ease off on the movie reviews for a couple of days; this blog was starting to look like an IMDb testing ground. I'm still behind though, with four reviews waiting in the wings... *sigh*

* * *

Skippy's List is old news--practically ancient by intraweb standards--but I stumbled across it by accident last night and peed myself again for the first time. If you know it, enjoy it again; if you don't... well, you're welcome.

N.B.: Link will launch in a new window and is work-safe.

* * *

Ready to get nice and depressed? Cost Of War dot com has a running tally of, well... the cost (in greenbacks) of the US invasion of Iraq. Everyone I've shown it to so far has had exactly the same response: an almost overwhelming desire to physically insert their fingers into the monitor and STOP THE NUMBERS. To see lunacy quantified like that, in real-time, is an experience both profoundly humbling and deeply disturbing. I'm actually reluctant to visit the site again.

To their credit, the COW crew provide ample context for these numbers, allowing users to--via pull-down menus--to see what the cost is to their own state and city, as well as the number of four-year scholarships or units of public housing the money could have bought.

In the time it took me to write this blurb (not the whole post, mind you--this blurb), the US government burned through $348,000.

Depressed yet?

* * *

I give you funny, I give you apocalyptic and now I give you jaw-dropping: Mint Royale's video for their remix of "Singin' In The Rain." Link will launch a new browser window and is work-safe but loud, so maybe turn your speaker volume down a bit first.


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