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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Things you're better off not seeing.

Feministing has their list of most disturbing products up and, aah... yeah. Pretty fucked up. I think the Pregnant Torso Keychain and the Child 'Pimp' Costume are the worst, with the most clocking in at somewhere between "pathetic" and "juvenile," but by all means see for yourself (link will launch a new window).

* * *

So I decided I'd continue trying to catch up on my movie reviews. I figure I'm at least four or five behind, so this could take a while.

Anyhoo... Boogeyman. Billed as a supernatural thriller about every child's nightmare come to life, this is really just generic schlock. Which is to say that it isn't irredeemably horrible; it's just woefully mediocre. Nothing about it stands out in any way, except a brief Möbian moment in a motel bathroom that sadly had more in common with Timesplitters 3 than David Lynch.

I wish I had more to say, but this flick was just a dull re-tread of Darkness Falls, itself a cleaned-up version of Tooth Fairy. The unfortunate thing about these "childhood-nightmares-are-actually-
true" movies is that they always end the same: the nightmare is some kind of supernatural entity that wants to torment and kill the protagonist and, by extension, you. Whee.


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