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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In case you missed reading it elsewhere.

Ugly little story circulating over the wires today: seems that this past summer a Peel Regional police officer e-mailed an audio file to several friends -- including fellow officers and Ontario government employees -- which was blatantly racist and downright nasty. The file made the rounds (indicating that a few of his friends found it worthy of further dissemination), eventually winding up in the hands of CBC News.

That racism pervades the ranks of our country's police forces is nothing new. This story is unique (and newsworthy) because of how wide this particular piece of hate spread: it eventually raeched the inboxes of RCMP officers and a member of the Assembly of First Nations.

Several police forces across the country are investigating after some officers circulated an e-mail containing a profanity-laced song that refers to native people drinking, sniffing gas and committing crimes.

It contains a song called the Native Rap that includes the lyrics, "The RCMP is always chasing me/'Cause I'm a smelly f***ing native and I can't even see."

It continues to talk about natives robbing liquor stores, punching old ladies, "curb-stomping Whities," slapping women and shaking babies.

The complete story can be read here.

* * *

This makes me positively purr: Jack Thompson, that reactionary homophobic fucktard, has been barred from practicing law in Alabama and is under review by the bar association in his home state of Florida.

Boing Boing has the abbreviated version of the story, Ars Technica goes into more depth and provides much greater context.


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