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&mdash Alfred Adler (1870-1937)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Disposing of the Old Ones can be tricky.

Last weekend, sistah!(tm) careened in from T'ranna and ricocheted around town for a coupla days. It was great to see her again, especially on such short notice (gave us an excuse to dust). Plus, her travelling companion was kind enough to help me haul our old, dilapidated, uncomfortable, cat-scratched, weevil-infested, dust-collecting couch down to the curb. We'd been meaning to dispose of it for months and I gotta say we're breathing easier with it gone.

Funny thing though: the couch was a hide-a-bed, so I unscrewed and pulled out the metal frame of the folding cot first, then we carried the two pieces down separately (which is the only sane way to move a hide-a-bed). During the night, someone came and took the metal frame -- just the frame, mind you -- and left the actual 'couch' part. Isn't that odd?

* * *

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