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Monday, November 28, 2005

Iaa, iaa! Fhtagn!

From BoingBoing via Pacanukeha, the King Kong of ironic juxtapositions: The Cthulhu Circus...

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...which, surprisingly enough, did not come up on the Cthuugle search engine.

* * *

Remember the Washington Post article I was talking about last month (hint: it was the post where I waxed nostalgic about childhood pursuits and drew a clumsy analogy to the geopolitical shell game the CIA is playing in Eastern Europe)? The story hasn't gone away (like I expected it to); in fact, it's heated up quite a bit. European governments are asking some sticky questions and now it seems a Canadian chapter has begun: The Globe & Mail and La Presse report that, according to Human Rights Watch, over the past four years 55 CIA-linked flights have landed in Canada. Marc Thibodeau's story can be found here.

Exactly what these planes (owned by shell companies linked to the American intelligence agency) are doing in Canada isn't clear. Perhaps they're simply refuelling, or perhaps they're secretly smuggling suspected terrorists back and forth across the border. Maybe they're shipping crack into Scarborough or tracking pot activists; the point is that if a foreign intelligence agency with a proven history of supporting seditious political movements, assassinating foreign leaders, creating and maintaining secret gulags and trafficking in narcotics (tell me you remember Iran-Contra) is operating in our country -- well then I wanna know about it. More importantly, I want the Opposition to go fucking rabid during Question Period in the Commons.


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