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Friday, December 09, 2005


I tried to balance my criticism of Lapis, Heather Kelley's pedantic experiment with virtual sex play, with an endorsement of her overall goal: to "handle [sex] meaningfully and tastefully in games." The folks over at MMORGY are way ahead of me. From their site:

MMOs are becoming quite the rage these days. From the humble beginnings of MUDs in the late 70's to the 3+ million subscriber levels of games like World of Warcraft today, we've seen online interactive gaming come a long, long way. With that progress has come new social paradigms that can only be found in the virtual worlds we have created.


People are turned on by different things. Men like to play as women. Women like to play as men. Both of them like to play as vampires, furries, masters, slaves, doctors, patients, and a multitude of other roles. If you have software that will allow you to get deeper into those roles, why not use it?

Their site is a rabbit hole into the world of sex-themed games, with links, essays and a forum for discussion. Go nuts.


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