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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Girls just wanna...

We're back! In a nutshell, holidays with family are where it's at: lots of love, chill times, enough food to feed an army and more card games than you can shake a stick at. Grand.

However, we are exhausted after a nine-hour drive, so just a coupla quick notes to close the year on:

* * *

Payback is a thing you gotta see.
- James Brown, "The Payback"

["Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis] testified Monday that Riley broke into his home, pulled a gun on him and videotaped him, on his bed with his pants down, making sexually humiliating comments about himself. He then threatened to distribute the video unless Francis paid him $300,000 to $500,000...

Karma in action; the complete AP story is here.

* * *

The Tyee is running a cool story about a pair of women who've achieved remarkable success drawing comics: Willow Dawson and Pia Guerra (of Levitation Girl in Good Afternoon America! and Y: The Last Man, respectively).

The article, which originally appeared in Shameless and manages to avoid the condescending tone I've come to expect from these kinds of stories. Fortunately, we're spared the "oh look: girls can draw funny pictures too!" foolishness and get straight to the profiles of two dynamic, creative women working at the forefront of their industry. Good reading.


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