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Sunday, January 22, 2006


One of the most egregious penalties imposed by the nine-to-five work week is the erosion of free time on the weekend, as chores which should rightfully be done during the week are pushed back (in the absence of time to actually do them). As such, while I chip away at the mammoth pile of laundry sitting in the bedroom, I leave you with Pacanukeha's further discussions on / explorations of the Google / COPA / "child porn" issue: linky-dink.


  • At 9:56 a.m., Blogger no one said…

    How would you set up the work week?

    I work usually from 12-4 then again from 9-1..It's not too bad actually. I don't have a huge commute, so I don't mind it too much.

  • At 9:53 a.m., Blogger Labris said…

    Personally, I'd be happy with Friday afternoons off. That way, I'd come home from work with enough energy to get most of the chores done (piled-up laundry, groceries, dusting, etc.) and still be able to enjoy Friday night.


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