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Monday, February 27, 2006


Our modem's officially given up the ghost, so while we await our free replacement this place might get a bit dusty. Bear with me. Between a lack of Internet access and a burgeoning cold, I suspect this space may move at considerably less then its namesake speed for the next week or so.

However, others are not nearly as lethargic: overnight, 19 Québec priests have moved light years ahead of their colleagues:

Quebec priests challenge same-sex stand

Church has been wrong about political, social and sexual issues before, letter says


MONTREAL -- In an unusual public dissent with their leaders, 19 Quebec Roman Catholic priests published yesterday an open letter taking issue with the church's opposition to both same-sex marriage and the ordination of active gays into the priesthood.

Does the church "have the last word on the mysteries of political, social, family and sexual life?" the 980-word letter asks. "In these matters, the official teaching of the Church has shown itself more than once to be wrong."

One of the authors, Father Claude Lefebvre of the Saint-Étienne parish in Montreal, said the letter stemmed from a discussion group of Quebec priests who felt uneasy about the church's official discourse.

The complete Globe & Mail article is right here (will launch a new browser window).


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