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Thursday, April 27, 2006

So much to do, so few people to do it for me.

I feel like I've maybe been neglecting this space a little lately, what with everything else going on. With a new arrival on the way, we've had to do some major feng shui on the apartment in order to save as much space as possible: seems like every week I'm assembling, mounting, screwing, hammering, measuring or moving something different. Not that I'm complaining; it's actually been kind of fun and the results are impressive. It's just left me with very little time for things like editorializing...

* * *

However, I can still find time to watch brilliant video mash-ups like George Bush singt "Imagine", courtesy of Pacanukeha.

* * *

In case you missed it, the aboriginal protests in Caledonia have finally brought out the ugly side of the locals: the CBC reported that shortly after the County Mayor implied that local Native activists were lazy welfare junkies, a mob confronted the protesters. Hundreds of locals, incensed that their lives were being disrupted by the demonstartors, showed up spoiling for a fight:

About 500 residents headed to the site after a rally, at which they called on authorities to end the seven-week-old native demonstration at a housing development in Caledonia, which is about one hour west of Toronto.


At the meeting, about 3,000 non-native residents voiced their mounting frustration over the blockade.

"As Caledonians we feel that we have had our lives disrupted," one angry man said.

Since this report was released, the town council has formally censured the mayor and there hasn't been a repeat of Monday's fracas, but the situation is still tense and the OPP is standing by, as is the ghost of Dudley George.

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Hey, check it out: I've been blogging for a year and a week!


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