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Thursday, May 12, 2005

I subscribe to a rag, part II.

Montréal's a world-class, cosmopolitan city with an international flavour and multiculturalism out the wazoo. At least, that's what the tourist brochures like to tell us (how does 'wazoo' translate I wonder?). Consequently, we must have world-class media outlets, right? The kind of urbane, sophisticated newspaper that wouldn't waste its precious front-page space on a public figure's momentary (and ultimately meaningless) deviation from protocol. Surely not; that's the kind of fluff "journalism" better left to back-page society columns.


Meanwhile, further evidence that the Canadian government was entirely two-faced in dealing with Maher Arar and his family is relegated to page 15; shameful data on mass illiteracy among Canadian adults is on page 16; and Cornell University's creation of a self-replicating robot (think about it for a minute--the implications boggle the mind) is shunted back to page 22.

I've got to start subscribing to Le Monde.


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