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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Cry havoc and let slip the hobbits of war!

Okay, Candis & I agree--The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age is one of the most immersive and enchanting PS2 games we've ever played. The sound is breathtaking: audio landscapes have been crafted specifically for you, the exacting Tolkien fan. The graphics are lush and beautiful, all of the (non-hobbit) main actors from the movies lend their voices to their digital avatars and the storyline follows the books without parroting them.

Highlights include:

  • Fighting the Balrog alongside Gandalf;

  • Skirmishing in the ruins of Osgiliath;

  • Summoning ents to aid you in combat;

  • Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Aragorn as the gates of Helm's Deep are smashed to splinters and hordes of Trolls come pouring through;

  • Felling your first Wraith (we actually jumped up and did a little dance);

  • It's really, really fun and 100% co-op, which is a big plus for us. I would strongly recommend you at least rent it and give it a shot.


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