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Monday, September 19, 2005

I foresee massive ratings.

With everything going on this summer (my conference, her... everything), Steenblogen and I fell way behind on Battlestar Galactica. Generally, we're not real big TV watchers, but this is our absolute favourite show and considering we have every episode aired to date on my hard drive, it was inexcusable to have fallen, like, five episodes behind. We just watched episode three, "Fragged" and got completely sucked back into the story we'd left dangling a few weeks ago.

Doc Cottle finally got on to the Galactica and is working feverishly to save Commander Adama's life, while Colonel Tigh is beginning to realize that there's a lot more to being a leader than just barking orders. Meanwhile, the survivors on Cobol consider launching a kamikaze attack on a cylon encampment, even though Lt. Crashdown has demontrated zero leadership ability...

Hands down one of the best dramas on TV today: I'll gladly put it up against The West Wing, Law & Order, ER, whatever you want...

* * *

...which is why i'm so glad it's been renewed for a third season.

* * *

Speaking of TV, tonight was also the season premiere of Medium, a show that I've really started to enjoy. Patricia Arquette's always been underrated and I really like the way her character's portrayed in the series: she's plausible in all the right ways, with real depth and individualizing quirks deftly sketched in.

The supporting cast members work well as an ensemble and the writers are smart enough to keep the focus on the humanity of the characters instead of the weird paranormal shit. Props to Steenblogen for making me give it a chance.


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