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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Feels sharky to me.

Associated Press and ABC News report on a really, really close call today:
Megan Halavais had a strange premonition just before a 14-foot shark sunk its teeth into her leg and pulled her beneath the Pacific on Wednesday.

"The water was really glassy, it was weird," Halavais, 20, said. "I was out there thinking this feels sharky to me."

* * *

I wonder if the audience in attendance at the long-term offender trial for human trash Frederic Dompierre had a similar intuition before his lawyer, Lynda Bureau, opened her mouth:

No sometimes means yes, lawyer in rape trial argues

The Gazette, Oct. 22, p. A10

Women who say no to sex sometimes say yes at the same time, the defence lawyer in a brutal sexual assault case said yesterday.

Lynda Bureau's comments, which came during arguments about whether Frederic Dompierre should be declared a long-term offender, were immediately questioned by the judge.

"I just want to remind you that that no longer holds in the law, or in relationships," Quebec Court Judge Denis Bouchard said.

Dompierre was convicted of luring a 14-year-old girl two years ago to a riverside park on Montreal's South Shore, raping her twice, then trying to kill her by bashing her head with a rock before she escaped by swimming to an island in the icy St. Lawrence River.

His co-accused, Steve Lapointe, has been sentenced to seven years. The Crown has asked that Dompierre be declared a long-term offender, meaning he'd be closely supervised once he's completed his sentence.

Bouchard is to rule on Nov. 25.

Last month, Bureau said the victim was partly to blame for the attack because she agreed to go to the park with the boys. "It's very discouraging to hear something like that," crown prosecutor Julie Beauchesne said yesterday. "Especially from a female lawyer."


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