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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Of mice and men.

Given that I'm starting my new job this week, I've decided to not blog until the weekend. Re-adjusting to a nine-to-five schedule is hard enough without the added pressure of having to chronicle the entire thing too. Come Saturday, I'll try to sum up the entire experience with a pithy phrase or two, but for now I leave you with a heartbreaking post from Grad School Avenger: "Prey."

For the record -- and I believe I said as much in the "comments" section of that particular post -- I think this kid needs a good, clean shot in the head. Maybe it's the little caveman inside of me speaking (the one nurtured via osmosis by the sea of patricrachal bacteria I swim through every day), but my first reaction to these kind of whinging, malicious little pissants --my gut reaction -- is a violent urge. Not a strong urge, mind you, nor even a particularly compelling one. John Hay wrote that "dealing with people to whom mendacity is a science is no easy thing," but I can't help but think that the perfect antidote to that kind of carefully-plotted character assassination is a sudden, direct burst of honest violence.

I can be such a dude.


  • At 4:38 p.m., Blogger Pacanukeha said…

    Tcha! Your sexist assumption that women cannot be violent offends me.

  • At 5:02 p.m., Blogger Desultory said…

    "Prey" was just supposed to be a little rant to help me work out my hurt feelings over the comments of one angry undergrad. I knew that, ultimately, whatever he felt about me would be irrelevant (and I keep hoping that I will be offered this course again next year, just so I can write a happily ironic epilogue). As it turns out, however, this student has already given me an inadvertent gift: a much-needed and appreciated outpouring of support from my friends. I love you all so much (despite, or perhaps because of, your neanderthal urges)!


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