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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Eschewing its role as responsible news outlet, Macleans is running this whole "video-games-kill-people" story with zero editorial comment:

TORONTO (CP) - Police have seized a street-racing video game found on the front seat of a luxury car involved in a fatal crash as potential evidence.

Police say they will pass the copy of Need for Speed to prosecutors in the case of two 18-year-olds accused in a horrific crash that killed a taxi driver. The teens are accused of racing two Mercedes Benzes down a Toronto street before the crash.

The whole article can be found here, but frankly it's hardly worth your time. Want the Coles' Notes version?

A. Kids are unthinking empty vessels.
B. Video games are the tools of Satan and all his little wizards.
C. Kids who play video games inevitably commit felonies.

To which Pacanukeha responds: "I wonder if they will pass along as evidence the owner's manual and all Mercedes Benz marketing materials touting the performance and safety of the vehicles."

I could go off on a rant about the sheer lunacy of this logic and the intentional vapidity of each and every single news story which embraces it, but instead I'll let you read Steenblogen's mini-essay on moral panics and technophobia, then draw your own conclusions.


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