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Monday, February 06, 2006

Christmas just keeps on going!

Sistah dropped a bunch of PS2 games in our lap when we saw her over Christmas and I've been mucking about with them ever since, experimenting with releases I wouldn't have had a chance to try otherwise.

Case in point: American Idol. Though I blew through the game in under an hour, claiming the coveted title of sole survivor American idol for my sassy little avatar, I actually had a pretty good time. The singing is handled by rapidly tapping out specific button sequences and messing up is almost as much fun as succeeding, as your stylized homunculus
stammers and warbles off-key, butchering ballads and destroying ditties.

Plus, the game designers managed to nail the judges' vacant stares perfectly -- the likenesses really are incredible.

* * *

Disney's Treasure Planet is a little more involved, following the story of the movie closely enough to make me feel like I really don't have to rent it. An old-fashioned platformer, the game's got a light, whimsical feel that's a nice change from, say, God Of War. Featuring plenty of wacky hijinks, furious button-mashing, double-jumps and good old-fashioned chauvinism, Treasure Planet is a mixed bag of treats which, taken with a grain of salt, provided me with a good six hours of shits & giggles.

Thanks sistah!


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