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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Okay, how the fuck did I miss the story about Seven Of Nine's sordid divorce? Or that she was Miss Illinois? Geez, I feel so out of the loop...

In case you missed the story, here it is in a nutshell:
  • First of all, yeah--Jeri Lynn Ryan was Miss Illinois 1989. Not particularly relevant, but odd.
  • Secondly, she was married to Jack Ryan, an Illinois politico, for eight years (not the Clancy character, but an actual, real guy--this is a necessary caveat given the surreality which follows).
  • Thirdly--and here's the juicy bit--when she and her husband divorced, the court records of the proceedings were sealed.

According to CNN.com:
Several Chicago media organizations had sued for release of documents relating to the Ryans' divorce, saying the public interest outweighed their concerns about privacy and the possible effect on their now 9-year-old son. Friday [June 18th, 2004], a judge in Los Angeles, where their divorce was litigated, agreed to unseal portions of more than 360 pages of documents, although large parts remained blacked out.

Apparently, Mr. Ryan tried long and hard to convince Mrs. Ryan that they should do their 'Mister+Missus thing' in a nightclub. According to court documents she filed, he "took her on three "surprise trips" in the spring of 1998 to New Orleans, New York and Paris, during which he took her to sex clubs." I swear I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. The entire CNN story can be found here.

One final interesting twist is that Mr. Ryan, a Republican, was going up against Barack Obama, a Democrat, for the Illinois Senate seat. In 2004, Obama was already a whispered presidential contender... the plot thickens, no?


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