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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yankee Zombie Coffee.

McSweeney's has your absurdist listing needs met with Beth Maynard's "Actual Examples of Model Conversational Phrases That the Travel Guide Les Etats-Unis Dans Votre Poche: Edition Bilingue (Haiter, 1980) Felt Were So Central to the Experiences Likely to be Undergone by French Visitors to America That It Included Them on Its Companion Study Cassette Tape."

It's a quick read.

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game girl advance is a great feminist gamer news feed / group blog. I usually go there for my gaming-related news (as should you), but this ain't news--it's just funny and spot-fucking-on.

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I hope you had a chance to read Sarah Schmidt's article, "Universities might be lowering bar to admit more men," because I'll be removing it right about... now.

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Finally, this article from yesterday's Gazette is too perfect to not share. Obviously written from the perspective of a gamer, it details a totally innovative and unique subculture-clash along the geek/nerd faultlines and highlights the arbitrary nature of divisions within and between the hipsters and larpers.

When zombies attack: A midsummer day's tale

by John MacFarlane, from The Montréal Gazette - Saturday, July 23, 2005

It was another ordinary Sunday afternoon in Mount Royal park for a few hundred extraordinary people.

Damage to their shields and swords from the week before had been patched with duct tape. Broken arrows had been replaced with unbroken ones and bruises had healed.

In a sun-dappled clearing where the day's cruel heat was less oppressive, the battle had begun anew.

And then the zombies arrived, and any trace of the ordinary - even for those accustomed to shields, swords, arrows and battles - was erased.

But wait. Back up, back up. Before we tell this story - which features impressive amounts of chivalry and heroism, people with big imaginations, the Internet, the intersection of at least two unusual subcultures and the possibility of a genuine original thought - perhaps we should quickly summarize a few other stories...

If you'd like to read the entire story, please e-mail me.


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