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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Think it through.

Pacanukeha has a great post up this week wherein he busts out a series of links relating to the ethical implications of genetic testing at the workplace. Specifically, the articles to which he directs readers highlight the major talking points in the debate swirling around the use of genetic information to screen potential employees. Should a sports team be allowed to reserve the right to deny a contract to a player who has a genetic predisposition to a weak heart? Does a corporation's obligation to its shareholders trump ethical concerns regarding the use of someone's private medical information? Is it even an ethical issue or is genetic data no more (or, interestingly, less) sensitive than other types of information?

Thought-provoking stuff. I won't waste any time regurgitating the info here; suffice to say that Pac's links will send you down a rabbit-hole of information and his comments on the whole thing pretty well mirror my own.

* * *

So C. and I have finally caught up on season two of Battlestar Galactica. This weekend, we bit the bullet and settled in for some serious viewing, gobbling down the remaining five episodes (206 through 210) in no time flat. I think we're becoming obsessed... I
can't remember the last time I was this involved in a TV narrative. We sit breathlessly in front of each episode, silent until the closing credits when we explode into frenzied bouts of "ohmig--did you see wha--I can't belie--will they--shut up, it's back on!"

I can't wait for the second half of this season to start in January.


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