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Friday, July 29, 2005

Work... busy... must... post... grraah!

Game Girl Advance offers us some perspective on the 'hot coffee' debates.

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Over at McSweeney's, Eric Feezell provides us with a list of "Twelve Sequels to Dances With Wolves That, Due to Monetary Constraints, Were Never Produced."

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We rented Constantine a few days ago and consensus was, "pretty--very pretty at times--but ultimately limp and underwhelming." Which is kind of a shame, really. Although I'm not as familiar with the canon as I probably should be, the Hellblazer comics upon which the movie was based were pretty darned good.

With cynicism honed to an art, John Constantine was a quintessentially British character, wandering through the ruins of empire and history. Keanu Reeves (or just about any American, for that matter) is a poor substitute for, say--a young Sting, upon whom the original comic character was based.

If you're a fan of the comic, it's best to envision the move as an Elseworlds tale: a "what might have been," if you will.

It is pretty, though.


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