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Friday, October 28, 2005

Not exactly rocket science.

Ready to have your world rocked? Are you prepared for some real apple cart-upsetting shit? Okay, then get this: Maher Arar was tortured by Syrian security forces. I know, I know--implausible and even fantastical, but nevertheless true:

Ottawa engineer Maher Arar was tortured while in custody in Syria three years ago and he still suffers from the aftereffects of his treatment, a fact-finder appointed by the Arar inquiry concludes in a report released Thursday.

"I am convinced that his description of his treatment in Syria is accurate," Stephen Toope wrote after conducting 10 hours of conversations with Arar and comparing his testimony to that of other Syrian-Canadians who say they were tortured by Syrian interrogators.

Read the CBC National story here. You can also visit the official site of the Arar Inquiry here. Both links will launch in new browser windows.

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Y'know, I actually feel kinda bad for Harriet Miers: she had no business being thrust into the spotlight like that and I have to wonder how much pressure her boss put on her to "volunteer" for the job. Anyway, she's withdrawn her nomination, which is clearly in everyone's best interests.


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