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Monday, October 31, 2005

'Tis the season.

I can't remember the last time we had a Hallowe'en this mild; I can think back to trick-or-treating with my winter boots on! I think the mercury was around 12 degrees tonight...

It was an all-around good Hallowe-en: we went over to friends' and carved pumpkins, handed out treats to neighbourhood kids (who didn't know quite what to make of a group of giggling adults sitting around holding fat bags of candy) and went for a nice long walk around Beaconsfield Ave. Good times.

* * *

Speaking of monster-centered cliques, who knew Vancouver had such a hot little horror-movie community? The Tyee delivers Hallowe'en-themed content in a report on the burgeoning low-budget horror movie scene in BC.

* * *

Last night, C and I got into the holiday spirit and rented the fourth (and possibly last?) installment in Romero's "dead" series: Land of the Dead.

As post-apocalyptic horror goes, I'd rather have re-watched 28 Days Later, but this movie wasn't terrible. Predictable in a by-the-numbers kind of way, but you kinda know what you're gonna get when you rent a Romero movie and that's half the fun.

Leguizamo is the only high point, bringing his usual blend of snap-crackle-pop delivery, wiseacre charm and fluid physicality to a role that's beneath him.

The make-up effects are very good: the zombies look fresh and deliciously nasty. All in all, a decent example of the genre but nothing to write home about.


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